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It’s a long time awaiting after counter strike source when we’ll be gifted by Valve’s new updated counter strike game Counter Strike Global Offensive. Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the long awaited modernization of the extremely popular Half-Life mod, and is scheduled to be released in 2012.

Be ready in this August for playing the most favourite multiplayer first person shooting game.. There is no firm release date from Valve other than “When the community tells us.” But it is assumed that it will be releasing on 21st Aug this year..

Gameplay Wiki :

Like previous games in the series, Global Offensive is an objective based multiplayer first person shooter. Each player joins either the Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist team and attempts to complete objectives or eliminate the enemy team. The game operates in short rounds that end when all players on one side are dead or an objective is completed. Once a player dies they must wait until the round ends to respawn in most game modes. Players purchase weapons and equipment at the beginning of every round with money awarded based on their performance. Completing objectives or killing enemies earns the player money while negative actions, like killing a teammate or hostage, takes money away from the player. In addition, when a round ends all players receive some amount of money, with players on the winning team receiving substantially more.

Global Offensive is planned to launch with Bomb Defusal, Hostage Rescue, and two new game modes called Arms Race and Demolition. These new modes are collectively referred to as “Arsenal mode” and are based on the popular gungame mod for Counter Strike and Counter Strike: Source. Unlike other game modes Arms Race is a deathmatch-based mode where each player is rewarded for each kill with a new weapon, with the first player to get a kill with every weapon in a predetermined set winning the game. Demolition is a round based mode that removes weapon and equipment purchasing, instead challenging players by giving a set of progressively weaker weapons for each kill.

Global Offensive adds new weapons and equipment not seen in previous installments, most notably the the Molotov Cocktail andZeus Stun Gun which are temporarily covering a small area in fire, making it impossible to pass through without taking damage.

Valve promises to introduce all-new maps, but many of the most popular ones will be making a return.The confirmed maps so far are: DustDust 2AztecOfficeNukeItalyInferno.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Macintosh.

CS:GO Facts:

The Following Facts Are Answered By

Q) How can I get into the beta?
A) Fill out our online survey. You need Steam for the survey. Since part of the survey is about hardware, you should use the computer you play on to fill out the survey.

Q)How do I activate the console?
A) Activate the console in Help & Options -> Game Settings -> Enable developer console. This will then allow you to open the console using the tilde key ~.

Q)How do I open the server browser?
A) The current version of the beta does not support a server browser. This feature will be added later.

Q) Can I host my own dedicated server?
A) Not at this stage in the beta. The full version of CSGO will allow community run dedicated servers on both Windows and Linux.

Q) How do I start a local game?
A) Click Play -> Create Match -> Choose your map and game mode. To have other players connect to you they will need to know your IP address and use that to connect in the console with -connect <youripaddress>. The full game will have a server browser that will let you easily start local games.

Q)Can I make maps for CSGO?
A) Yes, there will be a new SDK available after the full game has been released. During the beta you can start laying out your map ideas with the current Counter-Strike: Source SDK.

Q) How do I report a bug in the beta?
A) Please use our steam forums for now.

Q) How do I play competitively?
A) To start with, we only support lan competitive play. Matchmaking into competitive play will be enabled later in the beta.

Q) Why does my crosshair change size?
A) The crosshair consists of multiple parts. The most obvious section is the dot in the middle which is used for aiming. The traditional cross hatch moves as you move and provides rough accuracy. The brackets represent the weapon accuracy at all times including being stationary and firing.

Q) Why can I sometimes defuse the bomb faster than other times?
A) On the counter-terrorist side if you are carrying a defuse kit it will halve the defuse time. The defuse kit appears as a small pair of needle nose pliers in the lower right corner of your in-game UI.

Q)What are the minimum and/or suggested system specs?
A) While we are still developing the game these are in flux. The early stages of the beta will help us better set those suggestions.

Q) Why aren’t the characters solid?
A) In Casual mode players can pass through each other as their bodies are not solid. In Competitive mode the player’s bodies are solid and they cannot pass through each other. This also allows for player stacking in competitive mode.

Q) Will there be more weapons?
A) Yes, the current version of the beta has a limited selection of the weapons.

Q) Will there be more character models?
A) Yes, the current version of the beta has a limited number of character models.

Q) Will there be more modes?
A) Yes. We are currently only showing one

Q) When will the game ship?
A) You tell us. We are committed to staying in the beta period for as long as we need to create the best version of Counter-Strike.

Q) Will there be team match making?
A) Yes. We will be adding this feature later.

Q) Will there be a replay system?
A) Yes, we will be implementing this feature at a later date.

Q) What tools will there be for spectating?
A) The current version the beta has very limited tools for spectating a match. We will be improving those tools and features during the beta.

Q) How will CS:GO be available?
A) CS:GO will be available as a download package from Steam, PSN, and XBLA. The beta is only available for PC players on Steam.

Q)How can I see my ping?
A) We will be adding a visual representation of ping later but for now if you go into the console and enter net_graph 1 and see your ping and FPS statistics.

Q)Are there any plans to open up games to more than 5v5?
A) Yes but the beta will continue to be 5v5 for a period.

Q)Will the text be localized?
A) Text localization will be updated as the beta progresses.

Q) Is the beta available on the Mac?
A) Currently the beta is PC only but we will have full Mac support at launch.

Visit Valve’s Official CS:Go Blog and fill out the online survey near the top of the page. The invites are random. Source: Link

The beta currently offers a very small taste of the total content, featuring only two maps and a smattering of equipment.

Valve’s sent over a quick email announcing that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now available for the PC and Mac via Steam, with the North American PlayStation Network launch and worldwide Xbox Live Arcade launch happening later tonight and tomorrow morning. For those who didn’t pre-purchase the PC game, it now costs $14.99 USD and can be obtained here. Indian users can buy here.

“Today marks an important milestone in the development of CS:GO,” the company said on the official website. “With the launch of the game, our work can continue with feedback from the entire Counter-Strike community.  Since CS:GO is still evolving, make sure to give us your thoughts and feedback.”

PC System Requirements
* OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
* CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 processor or better
* RAM: 1 GB XP / 2 GB Vista
* HDD: At least 7.6 GB of Space
* GPU: Video card must be 256 MB or more and should be a DirectX 9-compatible with support for Pixel Shader 3.0

Mac System Requirements
* OS: MacOS X 10.6.6 or higher
* CPU: Intel Core Duo Processor (2GHz or better)
* RAM: 2 GB
* HDD: At least 7.6GB of Space
* GPU: ATI Radeon HD 2400 or better / Nvidia 8600M or better

Hope You Will Have The Game Soon…. Go Buy It And Help Developers….